Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting started!

Making changes in your life can be one of the hardest things to do. I am sure we have all tried a “Diet” or planned on doing more core training or most importantly start to get fitter.  Now remember back to trying this and how hard it was or still is. It is hard I know, it still is for me, and I see myself as a motivated person. Now try and see this start from someone that is trying sport for the first time, or at their first event, or going to a gym for the first time. I really try and see the world from their eyes… When you try what do you see?

What I see is a scary thing, whether it is an event, a Gym, or a training group. What do you see?
Fit people, focused people and more often than not, unfriendly and unwelcoming people! This is such a great way of getting rid of so many people fast! At a running group I go to, one person talked to me, and then the second time I went they couldn’t believe I came back…. “You are the first that has come back for a 2nd time”.

I think we all need to be more welcoming to everyone… I know I am very guilty of not being as friendly as I could, and in a new group this is very hard, yet when I am in a group of peers then I should be the one that is welcoming. 

I had a customer talking to me once and he told me about an experience he had: He was talking to the local triathlon club about the club…. The person in the tent wasn’t friendly or open and when this person finally asked what event my customer was interested in, they looked him up and down laughed a little and said that event isn’t for him!

I couldn’t believe this when I heard it… And this came from the local club. This one experience could have been more than enough to make my customer go home and never go training again. Just from one person’s misguided judgement. This really upset me. Why would someone say that and step on someone dream?   Maybe thinking it is unavoidable, yet saying it is unforgiveable.

I want to be more welcoming with sport and fitness.  I don’t care who you are, what you have done, as all that matters is from the moment we meet I can be a positive influence in your life. If you are unhealthy and want to start getting fitter, talk to me.  I can help. Making a change in your life is hard enough without anyone making you feel bad or out of place for it. They should make you feel proud for having the courage!

So look at yourself and what you have done. Maybe change your outlook a little, and make sure you encourage others, it could be the difference to achieving a goal or sitting back on the sofa!

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