Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why I Run!..

It's cold!!!!

While I was doing my training camp by the sea, I felt a little lost in what I was doing. So much of the place was really dull and boring. It wasn’t a place I enjoyed running. This really got me thinking about what I wanted from a run. And deep down what I wanted was to run in New Zealand’s Arthurs Pass, the Port Hills or at least away from the “normal” world of cars, roads and lots of people on a single trail.

Where I used to live in Germany I normally ran on forest roads. Single trail doesn’t really exist. As a result I always run with my Ipod and enjoy it. I normally listen to Podcasts and find the time running a good time to get information. 

The trial, only animals where before me.
When we moved to Waldshut-Tiengen I thought I would have lots more forest to run in and it would be fantastic. When, in fact, it has been similar to Miltenberg, lots of forest road and little single track. Still I have found a couple of short single trails here and love them. 

My wife had mentioned a trail that she said was near us that she wanted to do in summer, so I quizzed her on it and set off to find it. I was really happy to see just how close it was to home. Normally I don’t like driving to somewhere for training. I like to get out the door and just go, yet I so needed some space I knew I must get into the hills. Anyway, the start of the Schluchtensteig was only 25km from home. So on Saturday 23rd February, I packed up to do the first 20km of the 119km walk-way. It would be 40km for me as I was going out and back. I read some of the information on the walk and thought…. 40km should be 4 to 4 1/4 hours max. 

It was a cold day on Saturday -4 when I left home with a little snow in the air and I was going up higher than at home = colder. I drove to the start and started running, and it was cold. The start was off and on road and small trails. Then the track went up and onto single track. Man I was loving it… then suddenly I realized my Ipod was frustrating me, so off it went. And suddenly I was in heaven, single track, the only sounds were my footsteps, my breathing and the river below. Sheer magic.

High Point.
This made me think about why I run or enjoy running. When I was a cyclist I hated running…. I didn’t even really want to walk too far. Now I enjoy running and I really started to think why. I came to these conclusions. I love to compete in races, yet that is the end of a process and I pick races that interest me in the place they are or the event. Yet I think the true nub of the matter is I love being in the wilderness and moving though it at pace. I get so see so much so quickly and test myself. All this in such wonderful and lonely places! It is AWESOME!
Me at the high point.... Great view of clouds and mist.

Running on the single track was like food for my soul. I was tired and cold yet happy. And when I say moving though the wilderness at pace that is very relative, The 40km had over a 1000 meter of climbing and took me over 5hours 20minutes. Only about 20km was good single track, yet it was a good place to start and I will be looking for a hell of a lot more over the next few weeks!

So what is your reason for running? Or Riding? Or doing any sport! I would love to hear the reasons!


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  1. hey cam - how are things? I see from your blog that you're now living close to Swiss borders, running a lot (more than cycling?) and taking pictures of trees. so...lots has changed in 3 years since i last saw you! I was think of you as i plan on racing Ironman Frankfurt, and thought perhaps you'd know some triathletes with a room free for homestay for a visiting Pro...unless you offended the whole city with you kiwi sense of humour and that's why you had to get out :o) .
    anyway, I hope life's good and look forward to hearing about it.