Work Delayed...... But still want to do. experiment.

Protocol for Round vs Oval Chainrings. This is now starting on January 2014 and will have an 2 participants.

Hypothesis: Ovalised Chainring will increase power that is produced while cycling.

Null Hypothesis: Ovalised Chainrings will have no effect on power that is produced while cycling.

Over a 4 month period of training every month the chain ring will alternate between round and Oval chainrings

Starting January 2014

1st Month Round
2nd Month Oval

3rd Month Round

4th Month Oval.

The expected results for the null hypothesis is that there will be a linear increase in power over the 4 months of base training.

The expected results for the positive effect for the ovalised chainrings will be a rise in power will the Ovalised chainrings and then a slight fall or levelling off of power when returning to the round chain rings.

All training interventions will be recorded so that any increase or decrease of power can be seen if effect from training or use of chain rings.


As I will also be losing weight, this will be recorded as well.

Base ramp test will be performed

Every 2 weeks will perform a ramp test = middle of month and end of month before change of chain rings.

Over the 4 months Power and heart rate data will be recorded for each training ride. 20 min and 60 min average power will be recorded for each ride. Any other non cycling training (running, strength and skiing) will be record.

Same test will be performed at the end of period and 2 weeks after test is complete.


Bike: English Custom Road bike. Campagnolo Record 10speed, Tune 3 piece Cranks.

Power meter: Powertap 3G hub 32 hole  DT Competition spokes brass nipples with Mavic SUP open pro rim.

Head unit: Garmin 910XT Ant+

Trainer: Tacx Genius Multi with custom built Ramp test Protocol.

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