Monday, October 22, 2012

23 October 2012

Hello. It has been an interesting week, and a lot has happened in the world of sport. And maybe we have reached a turning point! Or at least I hope we have. First of all (and this is only a few words) the UCI have taken away Lances 7 tour titles. I find Lance’s fall very sad, not for what he did in the sport of cycling but for what he has done outside the sport. The Lance Armstrong Foundation helped a close friend of mine in his fight with Cancer. He was such a great person and lost his fight and he looked up to Lance with hope and belief, and now for so many people that has been taken away. That is why the fall of a Hero is so sad! 

Also an age grouper was found to be positive in Ironman. That I feel is very sad as well, yet I am not surprised at all. I believe in all sports must increase their fight against doping. Cycling tests so much and does catch people, and I believe every other sport has to take the lesson of Cycling to heart or face the same downward spiral!

But on a positive note from now on. Auckland had the ITU World Championships last weekend and it sounds like a great event (aside from the weather). New Zealand has been strong place for Triathlon for so many years and to see the future of the sport happening in your home country is great! And I have to mention Scott “the Terminator” Molina came 2nd in the 50 – 55 age group! Outstanding! And a hugely  heart-felt Congratulations to you Scott and to all the athletes that competed at such a great event. I am really jealous.

I have been running and working. Really enjoying being out in the Autumn in Germany. The seasons here are so different.  The colours are amazing and become richer and deeper everyday!  So cool.  I have one more week of work before I become a full time coach / student, so I spend a lot of time running late at night or early in the morning. Both times I find so peaceful for running. Running with a head torch is so nice. I will try and get a good photo of that for next time.

I have also been helping Sarina with some personal training on the Rollers. She has been cycling for about a year and we are planning her winter training. She has really fallen for riding on the Roller. Rollers are very different from riding an indoor trainer. So many cycling / triathletes have seen track cyclist riding on the Rollers and thought…. Madness. I was one of them until I tried them 10 years ago. They are great and a lot of fun. A little scary as you do need to ride not holding on to anything other than your handlebar and your bike is free standing (and moving). This means you really have to sit on your bike nicely balanced. One of the other great things with Rollers is you always have to think, you can’t slow down too much, so you have to work. So you have a nice high cadence and must sit on your bike well or you fall off the rollers!  It can take a while to really get the hang of them, yet it is a great high speed leg workout inside. Sarina is learning a lot about keeping her cadence higher and watching her heart rate. She is seeing the difference her breathing can make to her heart rate. And she is learning fast! With a good winter program from me she will not know herself next spring.
They are not so good for strength training, yet add so much fun to a hard speed session which a lot of riders forget about. They will be a very important part of my winter training and keeps some leg speed, technique and some fun recovery without having to head out in the very cold weather.

Till Next time. Train Smart!

Coach Cameron.

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