Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cameron Vs. the B Licence

Back for just a normal blog post. A lot has happened over the last year! In fact, way more than I can believe sometimes. 

First of all, if anyone is looking for a coach, I have few places. If you are looking at performing better or going faster, contact me and we can talk over the options.

Most of all I want to tell you about getting my B Licence for Triathlon. This is a very high level trainers licence in Germany. It is equal to the Level 3 in the triathlon New Zealand listing. Any way there was so much detail on training and the amount of time for recovery and how to build a program! Plus of course a huge break down on all the individual parts of triathlon. 

The course itself was a lot more than I was expecting, so much information and we had all the top coaches in the high performance Triathlon program in Germany come and talk. As far as a course goes I have never seen so many big names presenting. Plus we had to do a huge group work together, my group worked on Strength training and it was amazing how much detail we got out of it. 

So in other words the course was hard….. Very hard, and now think about doing it in your second language. And that was what I was doing. Madness really. I passed, yet learning or better put relearning all the stuff you know in another language made it difficult.
Once I had passed it was really a massive weight off my shoulders, I am really looking forward to putting what I learned into practice. 
I also want to say Congratulations to an athlete I work with Richard! He had a great race at the Auckland 70.3 and smashed his PB by an hour and in doing so got under the 6 hour mark! Well done Richard!



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