Tuesday, July 23, 2013

cams-world.de Podcast

As you may have seen I have started a podcast. This is to promote science in sport. Each episode I will talk about an aspect of sport performance. At the moment I am looking a different products and explaining some scientific terms.

I believe as athletes we are in a very hard position, we want to go fast for longer, yet most of us have work, family and other commitments that stop use training or resting as well as we would like and we are all so short on time. So when we hear about the next magic product we look to see if it works. Yet I know in the past I was never able to really know if something worked. I had to trust the advertisements, and sponsored endorsements. Now no more! 

I am studying Sport science and management, and have access to research libraries and now know  how to read and understand the science. I can cut though the marketing Mumbo  jumbo and look for the quality in a study or product claim. Once I started doing this personally I was shocked at the claims I was seeing and hearing…. Things I took as fact or proven were not as they appeared. Scientific data on companies’ websites suddenly went from looking really impressive to looking  weak.

I had had enough and the cams-world.de podcast was born. I am learning the ropes of podcasting. I welcome feedback, so please email me with comments or ideas. info@cams-world.de

I am now at  itunes. Just type cams-world.de podcast in the search bar in itunes. Please subscribe.

Or find me at libsyn.com

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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